Carey is a community of people united by a common dream. We long for nothing less than a world transformed by Christ’s love, and we believe as a community that we are called on mission with God to attempt the extraordinary.

The Carey community is vibrant, dynamic, and full of initiatives that impact our campuses and beyond. Our strategy in seeking to connect with the community and the world is to develop community platforms through which people can experience God’s love, have the opportunity to say yes to Jesus, and demonstrate God’s compassion for the world.

carey baptist church

Carey Baptist Church lies at the heart of the Carey community.  It is a vibrant community of people who love God and have a desire to love, and serve their local community.  At its core we are a community of hope.  This flows from our strong trust in Jesus and the transformation that he brings to people’s lives.

carey baptist college

Since opening our doors in 1998, the co-educational College has built up a reputation as an educator of excellence and we’re excited about the future that lies ahead, with our foundational Harrisdale campus soon to be joined by our Forrestdale campus, which will launch in 2016. Our Harrisdale campus provides K-12 and educates over 1400 students, and upon launch the Forrestdale campus will offer K-4, growing each year to eventually also deliver K-12.

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jump carey early development

JUMP early development is a service to the local community that provides vibrant loving childcare and educational provision for ages 6 months to kindergarten.  JUMP’s desire is for every child to love and be loved and the facilities and staffing is all structured around that objective.  JUMP also provides other services to the community for families of young children.

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carey centre

The Carey Centre is a place for community; A place for people to meet, to connect and to engage. Carey is all about developing community and connecting with and serving that community.  This has occurred through the Carey Baptist College, JUMP, the Church, Carey Soccer and other programs and events that are run on the Carey Harrisdale campus.

timber café

The Carey Timber Café is an exciting and inviting café with a beautiful atmosphere, superb coffee and delicious food.  It is a warm friendly and comfortable space where you can catch up with friends, make new ones or just find a few moments of peace in an inspiring environment. Open 7 days from 7 am it is a great place for breakfast, lunch or just a great coffee.

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carey right track foundation

Carey Right Track Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that forms part of the Carey group. Established in 2010 with a desire to do something to help Aboriginal people, particularly those living in rural and remote parts of Western Australia, who were looking for direction and purpose in their lives. Founder, Graeme Watson, an accomplished former athlete and now coach, recognised the natural but so often underdeveloped raw talent many Aboriginal people possess. He knew that athletics could be a powerful way to bring lasting change to individuals and even whole communities.

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