A New Chapter for Carey

After a long road to achieving government approval, Carey Baptist College’s new campus finally began construction in late 2014. The new campus, based in Forrestdale, is on track for completion at the end of 2015, just in time for the new school year.

With much of the civils work having been completed, including the entrance road and the pad for the new building, Nigel Wise, who will be the Principal of the Forrestdale campus, is looking forward to placing classroom furniture and seeing the plans become a reality.

“It is an exciting challenge to be embarking on a second Carey campus at Forrestdale. Whilst the second campus is a new College, in many ways it will be the culmination of years of experience already garnered from the journey travelled at Harrisdale… With the crossover of staff – some staff have expressed an interest in moving to the new campus – and the shared governance structure… there will be a wonderful opportunity for Forrestdale to benefit from a wealth of skilled practitioners”, says Mr Wise.

Outside of the classrooms themselves, the campus also has the foundations of a new soccer oval and will feature revitalisation of the native wetland area located at the front of the campus block.

Tim Dorsman, Carey’s Business Manager, says while some minor difficulties have occurred, it has been nothing out of the norm for a project of this size. “Carey has fantastic support from its contractors and consultants who have been great in helping us overcome any problems that have arisen,” Mr Dorsman explained.

While the campus is not yet complete, enrolments are well underway. Families interested in applying are encouraged to enrol soon as there is expected to be a waitlist for some years.

The Forrestdale Campus will initially be Kindergarten to Year 4, but will grow each year to cover the entire course of a child’s education, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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