Cheese! in the Pilbara

Carey Baptist College Business Manager Mark Wagenaar’s regional photography project is helping to make Pilbara families smile, one snap at a time.

Mark Wagenaar created the Pilbara Photo Ministry project in July 2013, as a gift to families in the rural communities of Western Australia who could not afford the services of a professional photographer for family portraits. Through this ministry, the Carey Business Manager-cum-photographer provides a free photographic service to families, couples and children in the northwest of WA.

“My favourite part of the Pilbara Photo Ministry is being able to make a difference to children and families through the medium of photography,” Wagenaar said. “My ultimate aim is to work with indigenous children who have shown an interest in photography with the hope of mentoring them to becoming professional photographers themselves.”

Wagenaar said he created the ministry after a visit to Wickham in the Pilbara in the middle of last year. “I happened to have my camera with me and took some shots in the park,” he said.

“When I sent the prints back to the Wickham community chaplains and they handed them out to the community, it had such a positive effect that they asked me if I could return to do some more photography. That initiative involved more visits and more photos, to the point where it has evolved into regular visits to Wickham!”

For further information regarding the Pilbara Photo Ministry, or to lend support to the initiative, facebook.com/pilbaraphoto will provide further information as well as examples of Mark Wagenaar’s photography.

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