Carey Graduate Saving Australian Wildlife

Former Carey student Emma Stevens has always had a passion for Australian Wildlife, in particular, frogs! For years she has been fascinated by a disease called Chytridiomycosis which threatens many frog species worldwide and wanted to do research into preventing it, but she didn’t know where to start.

Graduating in 2014, Emma loved studying various subjects during her time at Carey Baptist, including Art and Science. In fact, you can see one of Emma’s amazing art pieces in the Music foyer at Carey.

It was in Year 12 that she went to an Open Day at Murdoch University and spoke to one of the lecturers about a Veterinary Degree and where that could take her. Upon further discussion, Emma was encouraged to choose a Veterinary Degree with a Masters in Conservation and Wildlife Medicine which would incorporate her love of science and animals. Now in her fourth year, Emma is driven by a passion to make a difference on a range of conservation issues, including an anatomy research project with dingoes. Emma is excited to continue her research into the Chytridiomycosis disease affecting frogs when she finishes her studies.

When Emma graduates next year she is hoping to work in the country in a more

rural area, preferably in a small or mixed animal clinic, where she can to gain clinical experience before continuing her intended research.  

Emma’s advice for students is to, “keep pursuing what you are passionate about because opportunities come about in unusual places.”

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