Chaplaincy for Teens

Kim Chidgzey, trusted and long-time staff member at Carey Harrisdale shares the vision for supporting Secondary students through his chaplaincy work.

Chaplain Pastoral Care Carey Baptist College Perth Secondary Education

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 “…the whole child, becoming a young adult
is just so vital”


The priorities for the Mr Chidgzey’s work in Secondary School include:

  • continue building relationships with students and families through:
  1. offering support e.g. counselling, mentoring, visiting.
  2. attendance at camps, excursions, SAS and JSAS sport sessions, Year 11 & 12 Beliefs & Values days, Year 12 private study sessions.
  3. being a Tutor teacher in one of the Year 7 PCG classes.
  • to develop bible study and/or prayer groups with any students who are interested in attending.
  • continue the development of the Pastoral Care Program at Carey, with a Year 7-9 student focus.
  • to discuss and eventually implement the Christian Schools Australia document, “God’s Story”, in conjunction with the College Heads of Department and the Leadership Team, in a way that is appropriate in the Secondary School students.
  • continue with Building Bridges, an inter-faith program for Year 10s where students have the opportunity to visit Islamic, Jewish and Catholic Colleges with a view to build relationship and discuss issues with teenagers of other faith backgrounds.
  • continue working with the Year 10 students and the Service Tour program to Bali and Java. Students are involved in a number of projects involving orphanages and people living in poverty, to give Carey students a new perspective on other cultures and the plight of others.
  • to continue being involved in the Carey Fathering Project, where the emphasis has been on camping programs for dads and their sons or daughters in order for them to have more opportunity to build relationship with each other. It’s also a forum where men can encourage each other in their roles as dads.


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