Crushing Cans for Compassion


Throughout  2017, the theme for the Year 4s of Carey Baptist College Harrisdale has been compassion, where the students have spent time considering what they are grateful for and how their lives can help others. As the students explored this theme, they began researching a school in Bali that Carey’s Primary School supports. After hearing the stories of children who live on a rubbish tip, the Year 4s came up with an idea to turn their household rubbish into much needed funds for the Balinese children.

The Year 4 students started collecting recyclable cans and glass bottles to exchange for money; a project that became known as ‘Crushing Cans for Compassion’. As the students launched this project and researched recycling, they learned that the West Australian recycling policies will be changing in 2018. From next year, cans will increase from their current value of 1c each, to 10c each.

Mr David Seggie, the Year 4 teacher explains that the aim is to eventually raise enough money through the collection of cans and bottles to donate $50-100 to the Bali school community each week. “My hope is that future Year 4 classes will continue this project, so that when these current Year 4s reach Year 10, they will be able to go on the Bali trip to see their impact.”

Mr Seggie said, “the idea from the children was fantastic and I love that parents do not have to pay extra money to help out. I also love that they are motivated and passionate to help others who are not as fortunate as themselves. The entire primary school has supported this project which I am so proud of.”

So far, the students are proud to announce that they have collected close to 6,000 cans which will be worth $600 when exchanged next year. Congratulations to the Carey Harrisdale Year 4s, David Seggie, Dolly Onamade, Tamika Bint and the entire Primary school who have played a part in this incredible effort.

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