Dockers Clinic the way to go for Year 5s

Year 5 teacher Huntz Thieme wasn’t sure whether it was the students or the parents who were more excited to see five Dockers players turn up at school recently.

“The players caused a bit of a stir down at the front office, as they came when mums were dropping the kids off. Bit of excitement – and lots of photos taken as well!”

When Mr Thieme organised for some Fremantle players to visit his class at Carey’s Forrestdale Campus, he assumed only one or two players would come. He was amazed to see the club had sent five players – including captain Nat Fyfe – to chat and play with the Year 5 class.

“The guys were great. They spoke to the kids, and the kids asked lots of great questions, which was wonderful, ” said Mr Thieme.

“We kicked goals, did handballing, kicking, had a Q & A. It was fun,” Year 5 student Rylee Gentry said.

As well as valuable ball skills, Mr Thieme said the players gave students an inside look at what being an elite sportsperson is like. The students asked players about their diet and nutrition, fitness levels, and what a typical day of training is like. They also wanted to know what it’s like to be famous.

Ten year old Halle Selepe said it was exciting to meet the players and learn some new tricks with the ball. “It was really cool and fun. They were really nice to everyone. And sometimes when people were asking them questions they would ask us questions, to know more about us.”

While there are no immediate plans, Mr Thieme said he would welcome visits from any sports club to the school, as it was a real thrill for the students. “The kids get a real buzz out of it,” he said. “And the parents as well!”


Article by Miranda Miller


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