From Student to Staff

Carey alumnus Tori Chiera has come full circle since graduating from Carey in 2011. Tori loved her time here from Year 8 to 12 and found it a very nurturing and positive experience with lots of support. So she is extremely happy to be back here as staff – albeit temporarily!

After leaving school, Tori travelled throughout America competing in Water Skiing championships for our National team. She could often be seen standing on people’s shoulders doing jumps and tricks, while still water skiing! On her return, Tori decided to go to Murdoch University to study Biological Sciences but after 6 months she realised it wasn’t for her. Tori has since transferred to teaching and is currently completing a double degree in Secondary Education, alongside English and Creative Writing.

Tori needed to undertake her practical placement as part of her degree and this was initially meant to be elsewhere, but Tori ended up where she was meant to be – back at Carey!

Tori will be here throughout Term 3 and is enjoying helping Year 12 students with their Picture Books and is also working with Year 10s as they study ‘The Hunger Games’; the novel not the movie! Tori is also developing behavioural management skills which are difficult to comprehend theoretically, and has learnt that differentiation is key. Tori has found that it’s important to address each class uniquely as they each have their own needs, skills and requirements.

“All of the teachers have been very welcoming and supportive, I feel part of the team here,” Tori said. “You can really feel God’s presence in the students and staff as you walk around Carey. Everyone wants you to succeed!”

We only have Tori here until the end of September but we are sure that she will be led to the right place for her after that.

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