Interfaith Programme Builds Bridges.

Kim Chidgzey, our Senior School Chaplain facilitated an exciting interfaith programme, the first to be run in WA. Students from 4 schools including Carey Baptist College, Australian Islamic College, Carmel Jewish College and Newman Catholic College participated in the Building Bridges programme, thanks to the generous support of programme director Tim McCowan.

Over 6 sessions students were encouraged to get to know each other in a casual setting, eating a meal together, and discussing questions in small groups. A session was spent at each school campus, each team taking turns to host a meal and share a presentation about their faith.

“It was great to see the kids get to know one another, and respect each other’s differences.” said Kim, “as the next generation it was so great to see them open their hearts to one another, and see that you can get along with someone who has different views to you, in fact a number of the kids have remained friends and connected on social media.”

Kim hopes to run further sessions of the Building Bridges programme, further developing our understanding and connection with people from differing faiths.


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