Plastic Bags Making a Positive Impact

Eight years ago, Carey Primary School Chaplain Cheree Harris, co-founded a Not for Profit organisation called  ‘HOME’ (Helping Orphans Meet Expenses). The aim of this organisation is to help children living in poverty and one of the projects initiated has supported more than 450 families living in the Suwung rubbish tip in Bali.

Since that time they have joined forces with various other charities and together with Melbourne based ‘Foster Parents Indonesia’, they raised $25,000. This incredible amount helped to build a school within the rubbish tip, ‘Samaritania 2’, which officially opened on 16 September 2017, with 60 Kindergarten and 30 Pre-Primary students.

Over the years,  Carey students have been involved in fundraising for these projects in Bali, with the most recent being a ‘Money Trail’ fundraiser. The ‘Money Trail’ saw Year 1 and 2 children doing chores at home, then making a map of the world where they placed the money they earned from the chores on the map across Indonesia. Last year, the funds raised by the students financed the building of a playground in the Suwung Rubbish tip School. This year they raised $774.70 which will support a local Social Enterprise called FunTRASHtic!

This project involves the ladies collecting plastic waste to make bags, pencil cases and other items. These products will then be sold both in Bali and here in Australia, providing the community with a more sustainable way of living, rather than relying on donations. This business and the money raised by the students will help provide sewing machines, irons, zips, cotton and training for women who live in the Suwung rubbish tip.

With the recent Australian government initiative to reduce single-use plastic bags in supermarkets, this is a great way to upcycle these waste products.
Congratulations to our Year 1 and 2 students for their hard work and initiative in raising over $700 to help families just like theirs in Indonesia!

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