Standing ovation for mum of five!


Carey mum, Jessica Crouch has all 5 of her children in Primary School at our Harrisdale campus this year, so we thought we would ask her just how she does it!



1. Tell us about your family:

Michael and I always wanted a big family. I am one of 6 kids with 5 brothers so to have 4 daughters has been a welcomed blessing! I love finally being able to experience the sisterhood bond through my girls! We have 5 children in total, and this year we are topping and tailing the Primary School at Carey! Our eldest, Rachael (11) is in year 6 this year, Isabelle (9) is in year 4, Elijah (7), our one and only son is in year 3, Mahli (6) is in year 1 and our baby girl, Evie (3) has started kindy this year!


 2. What are some of the joys and what are some of the challenges of a large family?:

The biggest joy is definitely always having someone around to talk to! We love the buzz of having 7 people in our home. The flip side is that finding some alone time can be tricky!


 3. What does a school morning look like for you?:

Our school mornings are a little hectic! We have a blackboard with a visual checklist so the kids can mentally check what they have done and what they need to do next. Simple things like, have you made your bed, had breakfast, brushed teeth, got dressed, packed bags etc really help move things along! It’s not all smooth sailing though! We are very well practiced at getting out the door by 8:15…on days we need to leave earlier it is nuts and there is a lot of running around!


 4. Do you have any tips for reducing stress in the morning and afternoon when dealing with lunches, uniforms and homework?:

As mentioned above a visual checklist of what needs to be done in the morning is a must have! Lunches and uniforms are all done the night before. In fact, our eldest daughter, Rachael makes all the kids’ lunches and crunch and sip boxes as part of her household job. Best decision we ever made as parents!

We find it very important to rest and play after school as much as possible. Generally, while I’m making dinner in the evening is the time all kids attend to their various homework commitments. It works really well on the days we don’t have after school extracurricular activities.


 5. Why is it important to you and your husband that all of your children attend Carey?:

We love the Carey community. We attend Carey Church and just love the connection between the church and school. It was very important to us when selecting a school for our children to have one that has all the values we share. A perfect example of this is Carey’s focus this year on kindness. From day one we have tried to instil the values of kindness, love and compassion for others in our children. For a school to help develop those values is such a blessing. We love the pastoral care our children receive too. We are so grateful for the amazing staff because every single teacher we have had on our Carey journey has been absolutely wonderful!

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