Are you an Embarrassing Parent?

One humorous perspective from a Carey mum as the school year hits ‘graduating’ season.

I am an embarrassing Mum. Like totes.

I do try to be cool. Needless to say I attracted a few eye rolls whilst attempting my first dab at the dinner table last night.

Worst of all I have an unfortunate propensity for tearing up during school assemblies.

Insert eye roll emoji.

I just can’t help it! I pinch myself, look up to the rafters, clench my toes, but nothing. Nothing can stop the gushing pride/sadness/gratefulness/love from escaping from my eyeballs. And don’t even, with graduating assemblies!

Graduating assemblies. Parents brimming with pride, holding in their embarrassing tears, bursting with love, trying desperately not to dive onto the stage and plunge headfirst into a smothering Mum hug.

My baby/man child recently graduated from Carey Baptist College. I did well. I promise.

As I gaze at his man face, you know the one that used to be so soft and pudgy and now has bristly man hair, I am so truly grateful. Grateful for the moments of learning he has experienced, grateful for the leadership and mentoring he has received, grateful that he has felt safe and valued, grateful that he has been raised in this Carey Community.

There’s no way I could have raised this beautiful creature on my own. It takes a village they say. So whilst I am poised to take most of the credit for this magnificent fresh faced graduate, I will acquiesce and give a slice of credit to the gift that is Carey. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Now, brace yourselves I’m going in for the embarrassing mum hug.


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