Learning Journey at Carey Harrisdale

On Tuesday 18 September, Carey Harrisdale Primary School parents attended our Learning Journey event to see the amazing work their children have created at Carey this year.

Each classroom was decorated in a different theme and there were many learning activities for families to take part in.  

Some students had drawn pictures of themselves that related to a trait they identify with, such as ‘Connie Confident’ or ‘Pete Persistence’. There was a treasure hunt word search, capture the flag and handmade catapults, a fake skeleton displaying anatomical terms for bones. Parents also enjoyed treats that were made by the children and brought in books and games to donate to the Samaritania Suwang Rubbish Tip School in Bali.

Many of the students had written their own stories which, with the help of their teachers, were produced to look like reading books. Some of these were on display in the library and were a great representation of their individual personalities.

One class turned their room into their very own ‘Royal Show’ – complete with showbags! Other groups produced a tangible ‘Food Pyramid’, so they could visually see and touch the types of food they should be eating in the right quantities. Another group used their artistic skills to create their very own ‘Noah’s Ark’ and learnt about this bible story in the process.

Families had a wonderful time seeing their child’s work, meeting other parents and enjoying the different activities. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Learning Journey event!

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