Sound of Picture Books visits Carey!

On Thursday 13 September, Carey Baptist College hosted ‘The Sound of Picture Books’, an acclaimed production by WASO, Yamaha and The Literature Centre. The show was presented by Lesley Reece and featured illustrator and composer Matt Ottley alongside author Danny Parker.

Year 1 to 10 students, from both Carey campuses, were treated to a spectacular feast for the ears and eyes with a string quintet from WASO; consisting of violin, viola, cello, double bass as well as a pianist from Yamaha. Together they used familiar tunes to demonstrate the difference in the sounds of the instruments and techniques used. They then brought Danny Parker’s books ‘Parachute’ and ‘Tree’ to life, as well as John Marsden’s ‘Home and Away’.

The entire day was highly interactive, using a variety of teaching methods through Matt’s incredible artistic and musical genius, and the dramatic reading and hilarious antics of Danny. 

All of the presentations were adapted for the relevant age group. The Year 1 students were keen to get involved as they volunteered, laughed and swung their feet in time with the quintet. Whereas the Year 8 students were visibly affected by the moving story of ‘Home and Away’, which looked at the plight of asylum seekers in refugee camps.

Illustrator and Composer Matt Ottley said, “I started putting music to stories six years ago and love the collaborations with Danny, WASO and Yamaha. For difficult topics, such as the effects of war for refugees, I drew half of the images in the book with my left hand, as if a child had drawn them, because drawing in the normal realist style would have been too dark.”

It was pure joy to see our students across all year levels engaging with both music and literature, while learning about the wider world – and perhaps even discovering a new vocation!

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