Welcome from the Secondary Principal

On behalf of the Secondary team, welcome to 2019! What a joy it will be to see 163 new Secondary students arrive for the first day of the year. Many of these students will be joining us from within our Primary School ranks, but we will also be joined by 95 students from other schools. Together, the Year 7s of this group will form the graduating class of 2024! These students have commenced a journey together that will see lifelong friendships created as they, together with parents and staff, write their own chapter in the Carey story.

Our aspiration is for Carey students to be young women and men of both character and compassion, looking beyond the ordinary to attempt the extraordinary, and in so doing, making a difference to the world in which they live. In encouraging our students to develop their potential, we place a major emphasis on supportive teaching and learning environments both within and beyond the classroom.  

The College is proud of our 2018 graduates, and our teachers, with so many of our students performing strongly across both ATAR and Vocational Pathways. A snapshot of WACE achievement reveals that as a College we achieved a median ATAR of 79.65, a strong achievement given the rich diversity of our College community. Nearly half (49%) of our ATAR students were ranked in the top 20% of students across the state, with 13 students achieving an ATAR score above 95. These are outstanding results. A measure of this success is that Carey’s top nine students qualified for the Curtin Excellence Scholarship to the value of $15,000 over three years if they chose a Curtin course as their first preference.

Top ATAR Results 95+ (shared with permission)

  • Monaesh Siva Kumar 99.25
  • Zhihao Tang 99.20
  • Caitlyn West 99.00
  • Jasmyn Coleman 98.45
  • Sophie McKean 98.45
  • Aayush Bhardwaj 98.30
  • Rajat Menon 97.95
  • Manvir Singh 97.80
  • Kevie Rownes 97.75
  • (Name Unreleased) 95.90
  • Alan Lobo 95.55
  • Sai Gadi 95.40
  • Luca Zimmerman 95.30

Subject Certificate of Excellence (Top 0.5% based on exam mark)

  • Sophie McKean (Economics)
  • Ashalia Rangiah (English)

Further recognition of excellence was noted with 12 of our students achieving SCSA Certificates of Distinction and 14 students achieving SCSA Certificates of Merit (up from 9 and 8 in 2017).

Certificates of Distinction

  • Hannah Baverstock
  • Aayush Bhardwaj
  • Abigail Brimblecombe
  • Chloe Collins
  • Jade London
  • Sophie McKean
  • Ashalia Rangiah
  • Kevie Rownes
  • Manvir Singh
  • Monaesh Siva Kumar
  • Caitlyn West
  • Luca Zimmerman

Certificates of Merit

  • Jasmyn Coleman
  • Sophie Corless
  • Sai Gadi
  • Paige Golding
  • Justin Gray
  • William Lee
  • Jessica Lees
  • Alan Lobo
  • Rajat Menon
  • Brooke Slater
  • Allanah Speyers
  • Shaun Tan
  • Zhihao Tang
  • Thomas Wilson

Course Leaders

This is the recognition of subjects where the percentage of students with an ATAR course combined score were in the top 15% of all students in that course.

  • Physics
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Modern History
  • Human Biology
  • Health Studies
  • Outdoor Education

Vocational Pathway

Our Vocational Pathway students also achieved impressive results. Sixty-three non-ATAR students achieved a Certificate II or higher, creating a graduation pathway that has matched skills and interests with vocational courses that will assist these students into further study, apprenticeships and employment in 2019. The total number of Certificates completed in 2018 were:

  • 4 x Certificate I
  • 103 x Certificate II
  • 43 x Certificate III or higher

Carey’s 2018 Graduation rate was 99.26%, which is pleasing.  Whilst our numbers reflect the sustained development of our students over a number of years, what is most to be celebrated is the character and resilience that underpins this achievement.  On behalf of the College Council, Executive staff and teachers, I congratulate the graduates of 2018 and commend the class of 2019 to follow in this tradition. We are very proud of all of our students and wish our graduates the very best as they commence the next chapter of their lives beyond the Teal, Orange and Grey.

Brenden Gifford
Principal – Secondary School

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