Vision 2026

The Future

When we look at the people, resources and expertise God has drawn together at Carey, the future looks exciting. We see a time when there will be Carey campuses in Perth, Australia and beyond, and there will be an increasing capacity to provide education and support to people who would never be able to provide it for themselves.

We see a future where we will provide hope and compassion to some of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world – where we bring some of our capacity and expertise to work alongside others to support them in their work in education and with families.

We see a change in the cultural climate for communities around the world where a voice of hope and compassion is increasing, and cynicism, fear and oppression is decreasing. We plan to build our capacity to enable us to be part of this transforming vision.

This is a compelling but more distant future, and to get there much needs to be done. The next step is to consolidate our work at Harrisdale and to develop the Forrestdale campus.

Download the Vision 2026 document here

Carey has a deep desire to play its part in the story of God in the world.

This has seen us take significant steps of faith as we have tried to be good stewards of the privileged position God has placed us in.

After taking some stretching steps of faith between 2009-2016, including starting a new campus and community centre, in ‘Carey 2020’ we committed ourselves to realise our potential whilst positioning ourselves for impact. Although we faced many challenges, during this period we consolidated the gains from previous years, strengthened our organisational structure and enhanced our capacity. God has given us encouraging growth. Now we feel called to a new season of development.

From the strong foundations built, in the five years to 2026 we see Carey working to widen its reach, whilst digging deeper to better understand the contribution God invites Carey to make in the world. Our theme will be ‘Deep Foundations, Widening Reach’ – or more simply, ‘Deeper – Wider’.

About the role of the Church

At its heart Carey is a church. All the activities that occur in and through Carey are ministries of Carey Baptist Church and its congregations, and we continue to believe that the church should be turned inside out, with open hands and an open heart towards the world God loves.

As we look to our future, we are convinced that every service we develop needs to be connected with, and undergirded by, the support, wisdom and prayers of a healthy church. Committed as we are to reaching out and serving the community and world we recognise that unless the church is healthy we have little to offer. We therefore identify the continued growth and development of the Carey Church congregations as critical to Carey’s development and effectiveness.